During a Combined Building and Pest Inspection we look for major building defects such as:

  • leaking roofs or damaged roof plumbing

  • Structural cracks or timber framing inadequacies

  • Leaking showers or baths / wet areas

  • Damp issues such as rising damp or penetrating damp

  • Poor external drainage or storm-water concerns

  • Main structural elements

  • Water hammer or poor water pressure

  • Potential safety hazards such as collapsing balconies

  • Potential Fire Hazards

During the Pest Inspection, we look for:

  • subterranean termites or evidence of termite activity and/or damage and more importantly any evidence of previous termite treatment

  • timber borers or evidence of damage

  • wood rot caused by fungi leading to damage and potential safety hazards in timber structures such as rotten timber steps, handrails and balconies

  • any conditions that may be conducive to termite attack or conditions that can cause wood rot.


During a Building and Pest Inspection, the areas we check include:

  • the roof exterior

  • the Roof Interior

  • the Building Exterior

  • the Sub-floor

  • the Building Interior

  • the Site including up to one Outbuilding, such as a garage, granny flat or shed.​

David Boon 
Principal Inspector 

Ground UP's chief inspector was mentored by a licensed and experienced inspector who has instilled in him high standards and encouraged a sense of responsibility and professionalism. Additionally,  David has worked for a leading company conducting  multiple weekly inspections. Opening Ground UP has been a passion for him  and his commitment to his clients is paramount. 

Lidija Boon
Office Manager 

Lidija brings a wealth of organisational  and office management skills to Ground UP. Her interest and experience in property  development over the years naturally lend themselves to this role. 

Her passion and attention to detail along with a service-minded approach to all task's and client's is invaluable in every aspect of Ground Up's business activities.