Frenchi, Mastotermes, Brevis, Acinaciformis, Anyone could be mistaken for thinking that these are:

New names for bubble teas you can try at your corner shop.

However this is not this case. Termites are one of the largest threats to residential properties throughout Australia. Experts estimate that two of every three homes will have a termite problem at one point and that one in every three homes currently has termites.

This high attack rate means that termite infestation is one of the most overall costly problems facing Australian home owners. In 2012, reports showed that termite damage repair and removal costs averaged 1.5 billion dollars each year. The Blue Mountains Is no exception of the pre-purchase building and pest inspections we have carried out we find that number to be true, Have a look at some of the recent inspections carried out in Springwood, Winmalee Katoomba and neighboring upper and lower blue mountains suburbs.

Its essential to have your property inspected annually for timber pest activity the treatments available to home owners are effective and affordable. There is no reason to build a mound and hide in it contact David Boon from Ground Up building and pest inspections today for a thorougher inspection of all accessible areas.

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